N E W   S I N G L E S

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" C I R C U L A R I T Y "

" E U D A I M O N I A "

2 0 2 0  -  S I N G L E S

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" C Y G N U S"

" L Y R A "

2 0 1 9   D E B U T   L P   -    " O B E L I S K "

OBELISK final cover.jpg

Nominated for Scottish Album of the Year 2019

"startling, explodes definitions to seize fresh space"

- Clash Magazine -

"As this impressive debut shows, drummer Graham Costello’s sextet of young Scottish jazz-rockers inventively combine a muscular sound with Reichian minimalism" - *****

 - The Scotsman -

"...pushing the boundaries between jazz and rock, a polyrhythmic, genre-melting journey." - **** 

- The Skinny -

"an intense, hypnotic and almost continuous journey through mesmerising repetitive motifs, crisply and carefully executed sound worlds, elemental soloing and frankly thrilling musical peaks"

- The Times -

"the music is put together with a compelling awareness for detail and contrasts as well as surging energy that’s uplifting and life-affirming. Hotly recommended."

- London Jazz News -

2 0 1 6   E P   " S T R A T A "

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2 0 1 8   E P   " L I V E "

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