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G R A H A M   C O S T E L L O ' S


New single "Lyra" out now on Gearbox Records

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"Cygnus" out now

"Cygnus moves it on up, high energy, impassioned and in your face...fusing cerebralism and passion, minimalism and noise, spontaneity and composition."

- All About Jazz


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Graham Costello's STRATA

"Scottish musician Graham Costello is set to join the ranks as one of the genre's most compelling innovators in the UK."




1. OBELISK  (9.26)

2. STOIC  (9.33)

3. _96  (10.17)

4. JADE  (7.52)

5. OCELOT  (14.01)

6. SOLE  (12.04)

7. SAPPHIRE  (9.05)

8. FLY  (5.03)

Graham Costello's STRATA are one of the most exciting and innovative bands on the Scottish jazz scene and beyond. Their music blends stylistic elements of jazz, minimalism, and celebrated progressive/noise bands together with a strong DIY ethic, winning over audiences with towering dynamics and a raw and genuine enthusiasm. Pushing the boundaries of the genres, they create a new unique soundworld combining high-energy polyrhythms, improvisation and collective groove.

2019 brought the release of their debut album “OBELISK” which was nominated for the prestigious Scottish Album of the Year Award, and has garnered much attention from the UK press and further, receiving 5-stars from The Scotsman, and with Clash Magazine calling it "startling, explodes definitions to seize fresh space”.

Graham Costello’s STRATA are a unique, new voice in the growing UK jazz scene. From their monthly residency in one of Glasgow’s best underground venues, to sold out concerts at UK Jazz festivals as well as appearances at Oslo and Firenze Jazz Festivals, STRATA leave no stone unturned with their music and ethos. The hypnotising minimal patterns of Steve Reich meets the power and intensity of The Thing and Zu.


Their second album is set for release in Autumn 2020, and sees their first release on Gearbox Records (Theon Cross, Binker and Moses, Abdullah Ibrahim)

Harry Weir - tenor saxophone

Liam Shortall - trombone
Fergus McCreadie - piano
Joe Williamson - guitar
Mark Hendry - electric bass
Graham Costello - drums and composition

"hypnotic, mesmerising...frankly thrilling" 


S U B S C R I B E   T O   O U R   M A I L I N G   L I S T